The Ultimate Hen Party: How to Plan a Stress-Free Event

Now that your bestie is getting married, they have given you the terrifying but exciting task of organising the critical hen weekend. While it is an amazing opportunity for the ultimate girls’ get-together complete with adult entertainment (you could try here for some ideas) in celebration of an important life achievement, it does come with challenges. Activities such as establishing the dress code and the related costs can make a hen party even less fun to organise.

All the activities can easily make you run in the opposite direction, but here are a few ideas for a stress-free experience. So, put your feet up and read on, this will be fun!

Consult the bride

As the chief hen party organiser, it is your responsibility to find out who the bride would like to invite and what dates are ideal for her. As the organiser, you are most likely the best person who knows the bride’s expectations, but she can easily surprise you. Find out what she wants, if she says she wants shows with topless waiters, get her that!

Organising the guests and dates

The bride should give you a list of contact details for everyone she considers important, and you should reach out to them and find out if they are available. When the most important friends are on board, talk to everyone else on the list for a rough idea of their availability. Expect the number of guests to drop once you have finalised the dates, and do not book until you have definite calendar dates.

Organising the destinations

Now is the time you factor in your bride’s requirements and find destinations that are perfect for the hen event she prefers. Some key considerations are the time-frame, budget, and you could try here for different types of shows. Bounce ideas off some bridesmaids before making any fixed decisions.

How to communicate

Once you have the details on the date, location, and activities established, you finally have something tangible to offer your girls. This is time to set up a group chat and set an early RSVP deadline so you can confirm everything on time. Group chats are also perfect for finding out if one of your guests can get discounts at party stores or events.

Collecting the money

Collecting final payments and deposits is stressing, but using spreadsheet software can help make the process easier for payment tracking. Take into consideration whether the bride will pay for herself or bridesmaids chip in to cover her costs. Make sure that all pre-booked activities are fully paid for before departing to avoid awkward conversations when you get to the venue.

If something requires paying for at the event, make it clear on your itinerary so everyone is aware.

Time to have fun

After all the hard work is done, let your hair down and enjoy yourself. The Players Club is your ultimate destination to the hottest hens party event in Sydney, Gold Coast, and Melbourne. You could try here for the topless male waiters, raunchy lap dances, or even a sexy strip show for your event – just consider the steps above and they do the rest! Visit theplayersclub.com.au for more information.