Fun Facts Parents Should Know About Star Wars

Looking for a present to reward your child with? If your little angel has been babbling non stop about science fiction film series Star Wars, then a toy from that movie will be a great choice for their collection. To get to know a little more about what Star Wars is, it tells a story about intergalactic adventures in a galaxy far far away with notable characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, and the renowned Luke Skywalker. For your source of fun Star Wars toys, you can purchase different figurines at Mr Toys Toyworld and check out from other various choices as well for Star Wars toys Australia has in the market. To get to know more about what your child’s favourites, here are some fun facts about Star Wars worth reading about.


Jabba the Hutt was Supposed to be a Furry Creature

This slimy, slug-like creature has become a popular character in the Star Wars films, described as a powerful antagonist who is greatly linked with criminals and assassins, he was originally supposed to be furry. Imagine how adorable Jabba the Hutt would look if he was a soft and fleecy character instead.


The Character of Yoda in the Films Was Almost Played by a Monkey

This legendary Jedi master has also become a popular character among the Star Wars fandom, to the point that you can find lots of Yoda Star Wars toys across the globe. During the films, it was stated that Yoda’s character was almost going to be played by a monkey that would not just wear a mask but also carry a cane around as well. Another fun fact about Yoda is that his type of species is yet to be discovered.


Ewoks Speak in an Actual Language

These teddy bear looking mammaloid creatures that are only a meter tall. If your children have questioned why they are just babbling random sounds, they are not random noises because Ewoks actually speak in a real language which is a mix of Tibetan and Nepalese, so that summarizes the Ewok language. Click here mrtoys for more information.


Chewbacca’s Voice is a Mix of Random Sounds

When you hear this adorable wookie open his mouth and make his iconic sound, you will be hearing a mix of bears, badgers, walruses and the sound of other dying animals. Who knew that the co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon would have such an extensive voice. Not to mention, Chewbacca Star Wars toys have been a great gift idea for children as well.


Old Television Noises is What Makes the Lightsaber Sounds

For those who are fans of Star Wars toys, playing around with a lightsaber becomes more fun with the sound it makes. It is not just the Ewoks and Chewbacca that comes with a fun story behind their renowned sounds, but the lightsaber as well. The sound was created with the sound a television tube makes combined with a film projector’s motor sound.


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