How to Choose the Best Food Vacuum Sealer for your Kitchen Needs

A food vacuum sealer is one of the kitchen essentials one home must have these days. Especially that you are dealing with a modern fast-paced life, you prefer to buy your groceries and food in bulk, just enough to sustain you for the entire week. This means that you have to consider preserving meat, marinade, and fresh produce. When buying this tool for your kitchen, make sure that you know the things that you must consider beforehand.


food vacuum sealer
food vacuum sealer

Things to Consider

Of course, before you head down the department store or to a kitchenware distributor like the BJ Enterprises, you need to consider these things.

  • The size of your family

Just like any other things, the number of members your family has is essential to note when shopping for the right food vacuum sealer as this becomes a determinant of the size of your vacuum sealer. If your family has around 3 to 4 members, then, a small Australian food vacuum sealer can suffice your need for it.

However, there is one factor to consider such as the frequency your close relatives will be visiting your place for a weekend or for the Christmas holiday or thanksgiving. If you are most of the time receiving visitors, then a bigger food vacuum sealer will be a great choice.

  • The size of your kitchen

Aside from the size of your family, you must also consider how large or small your kitchen to decide whether you have to buy a small, large or a portable sealer machine. Never be persuaded of buying a large vacuum sealer if you aren’t going to use it frequently or for a huge preserving purpose.

In fact, even if you are into sealing a variety of food into your kitchen, a smaller vacuum sealer will be of great use. Just make sure that you will choose the most durable food vacuum sealer in Australia to get the best value for your money.

  • The type of food vacuum sealer

The type of food vacuum sealer that you’re going to use will depend on the usual kind of food, as well as the quantity that you’ll be packing. A common household food vacuum sealer machine can pack up to 11-inch sealer bags, depending on the size of the food you’re going to pack and keep.

  • Features of the food vacuum sealer

It is not only the size of the food sealer that you need to consider but the features it has as well. Choose the brand that has proven the performance of discharging almost 100% of air to prevent food spoilage. Also, choose the one that has free packing bags, as well as secure air tightness.

  • Your budget for brand new vs. used vacuum sealer

Your budget might be the most important factor to consider when shopping for a food vacuum sealer. Depending on your budget, you can choose either a brand new sealer machine or a second-hand one. Just make sure that you are aware of the benefits and downsides of both categories.

Keep in mind that the best Australian food vacuum sealer can keep the freshness of your food to last for months. That means that it has a very efficient sealing property. To learn about different brands of food vacuum sealers in Australia, visit BJ Enterprises. Find out more at