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Two Games You Can Enjoy When You Have A Pool or Billiard Room

Mate, are you planning for a pool or billiard room inside your house or under the basement? You should have the things on what makes a pool or billiard room. And when you do, you should make it as cool as possible so that your guests will love it! You can select from pool or billiard room products using this website here available for Australian clients.

What you can find in modern pool rooms

Check out pool room ideas online. You can see that they have a laid-back theme where you can chill and have fun by yourself or with friends or family. The latter is more fun and two popular games you can do in pool rooms is pool or billiards and the game of darts.

The Bright History of Pool or Billiard

Pool or billiards has always been played since the 15th century. It is a game favoured by kings, queens and other royal titles. It is played by the common folk, too–young and old. There is no clear origin of pool or billiard. It simply emerged from Northern Europe, particularly in England as an outdoor game, but moved to indoors because of the harsh weathers. In fact, Billiard came from the French word “Billie” which means ball as well as “billart” meaning wooden sticks.

Pool or billiard is a game you can play as a pastime, especially in modern pool rooms. Inside, you can have fun playing billiards, throwing darts, sitting on the couch, playing music, and other leisurely stuff. The pool rooms before during the 19th century were not at all for the purpose of billiards; it was a room for betting horse races–another popular sport during those times. Nevertheless, the tools for playing the game: cue sticks, billiard balls, billiard pockets and a good pool table have been improved since the 19th century.

Now with the rich and colourful past of Pool or Billiard, you know you will love the game. You can browse different pool tables, cue sticks, balls and pockets when you visit this website here for information.

The Fun Game of Darts: History

A pool room’s classic look is never without the game of darts. Like the pool or billiard game, darts was played as a pastime much earlier than the pool or billiard because it started in the 14th century. Historians say that darts was a game played by the soldiers of the medieval era. It may also have been played by kings, queens, lords and ladies. History also says that the modern darts game with rules was originated in 1896 by a carpenter named Brian Gamlin.

Darts use a dartboard and small missiles. The dartboard consists of a pattern of a circle from one to twenty with 20 segments and a centre of the bullseye. The small missiles are used to hit the minor targets and the major target which is the bullseye in order to win the game. It has a set of rules that you should follow like the set of scoring and the number of missiles allowed to throw. Modern dartboards have an app scoring scheme where your dartboard is connected to a smartphone app for accurate scores. You can check out dartboards here in this website here selling them.